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''I always loved Disney movies...My training as a 2D animator has contributed greatly to the development of my skills in 3D animation.''

Marie Rachel Sylvia, 2024


A little bit about me!


I was born in Montreal in 1985 and started drawing as a child. For me, it was a way to give life to my overflowing imagination, which occupied most of my teenage years.

Having always loved Disney movies and having an intense passion for drawing and animation, I began my training in 2D animation at the age of 17. In addition to cartooning, I explored various traditional animation techniques (stop motion, paper cutouts, puppets, sand, tracing paper). My training has allowed me to achieve a high level of mastery in observational drawing, portraiture, character and set design. I also acquired a good ability to reproduce Disney characters and an understanding of the principles of animation.


An immense pleasure! Four years with the aliens, always drawing, even in the bathroom !


I then studied 3D animation at university to broaden my horizons and discover the modern process of image synthesis. My training as a 2D animator was very helpful in developing my 3D animation skills. I developed a keen interest in computer animation and discovered how to make 3D cartoons. Since then, I've been working on various 3D animation projects where I've gained skills in animating facial expressions, dialog, complex movements and staging based on my own experience as an actor.


So here I am, and you can see the results of my work on this site. 

Grace and blessings !


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