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Project | Fields of Heaven 

The purpose of this project was to create an emotionally engaging animation with the character's facial expressions and staging. The movements are graceful, elegant and exude divinity because she is an angel. She is bright and full of hope. I wanted to bring peace and harmony out of the soul of the caracter.

Project | 02
Project | The Kingdom's Waltz

The purpose of this project was to animate complex movements synchronized with emotionally engaging music. The main point was positioning the characters in relation to each other in a dance sequence. Animation keys have been set on all frames. It's a waltz between two lovers in the Kingdom.

Project | 03
Project | Golden Age

The purpose of this project was to use strong facial expressions to demonstrate the old man's emotions. He spits out his dentures to show his disgust against gambling and gets up to dance instead of sitting in front of the television. It is a critic against vicarious life and the bunny girl deterioring feminine image.

Project | 04
Project | Ocean Heart

The purpose of this project was to design a photorealistic 3D jewelry to be sold in a jewelry store. The music is taken from the soundtrack of the movie Titanic. The romantic atmosphere takes the viewer to another world and this emotional aspect has been a target point to ensure the success of this ad.

Project | 05
Project | Marry Me

The purpose of this project was achieved great credibility in the emotional expression of the character. She is a princess of a very conventional upbringing and she is confused in her romantic feelings. The secondary movements are delicate but all the intensity and passion show up in her facial.

Project | 06
Project | Fairy Tale

Animation project with a magical effect. The fairy wings coordination with the movement of the body was synchronize in the curve editor. The jump that she made ​​before flying was inspired by a dance move and it serves as an anticipation. The music serve to give a emotional and secret atmosphere to the clip.

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Project | 01
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